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From Flipping Hands to Finding Balance: Solving the Hanging Back Issue with Gluteal Strength

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Have you ever noticed a golfer hanging back after making a swing? It's quite common, so you're not alone. But why is it important to address this issue? Let's dive in!

Firstly, HANGING BACK affects power. By not transferring our weight efficiently to the front and making a strong swing at the ball, our power potential diminishes. This can lead to inconsistent strikes, which no golfer wants.

There are various REASONS for hanging back in golf. One reason is when golfers try to ADD LOFT to their golf ball by hanging back and flipping their hands. Another cause could be a lack of STRENGTH in the gluteal muscles.

When our back leg lacks power and strength, shifting our weight onto our lead side becomes challenging. On the other hand, insufficient strength in the front or lead leg discourages us from advancing our weight into that leg. Thus, ensuring GOOD GLUTEAL STRENGTH is crucial.

However, during my experience testing individuals for strength, I've often found that the gluteal muscles are not only weak but also LACK PROPER ACTIVATION. This means that although the muscle fires, we struggle to utilize or FEEL its engagement as we should. Insufficient strength and activation can result in a range of issues, including back problems.

Feel free to WATCH THE VIDEOS for more information on gluteal strength and activation.

Remember, addressing the hanging back issue can IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING and overall performance. So, let's tackle it head-on!

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